Hello friends. Thanks for visiting my humble little web site. I really do have so many interests, so much to talk about. It's difficult to wrap them all up into one web site subject. There's just so much interesting stuff going on in the world!

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Here's a quick 30-second overview of me. I am:
  • Religious: I am a born-again Christian who loves and supports Israel and the Jews. I believe in prophecy and I enjoy studying eschatology - the study of end-times. I am a pre-millennialist and I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture of the saints.
  • Conservative: I am a religious, social and fiscal conservative.
  • Musician: A few years ago I started a big band jazz and swing group that plays a variety of popular covers from different artists and eras. My band--called William and the Romantics--plays around town and we have a lot of fun. The band consists of 16 musicians and 4 singers. 
  • Writer: I am a prolific writer. I've been the contract writer, co-author or solo-author of 14 different books for Sybex Books, Inc., all of which are in the technical certification space. My most recent book is a study guide for the Adobe Flash Professional CS6 ACA exam. I've also written numerous magazine articles for a variety of technical journals.
  • Teacher: I teach Computer Science, Game Development, and Cybersecurity at a career and technical education (CTE) high school in Colorado. Having come out of a 20-year career in information technology (IT), I have for the last ten years really enjoyed teaching 11th and 12th graders how IT works and how to outfit themselves for a successful career. I teach kids how to write code in a variety of different languages, what technical certifications are all about, how to attain the right education for their particular aptitude, and how to develop the soft skills needed to be successful in the industry.
  • Golfer: My wife and I have recently discovered golf and are very passionate about it. I'm not any good at it, but I really enjoy playing as often as possible. I don't go out with "the guys," I prefer to play golf with my wife.
  • Wine-lover: My wife and I have taken courses on wine, and have been to Napa Valley several times. We are ardent wine enthusiasts (which is NOT to say we're drunks - but IS to say that we enjoy drinking a very nice glass of wine with a meal.)
  • Reader: I enjoy reading a variety of different literature. I tend to prefer mysteries and thrillers, or historical fiction based in the 1300's - 1700's. Lately I've been reading a bunch of material from a Th.D. I discovered, Ken Johnson
  • Movie Watcher: I enjoy movies that are well-written, finely crafted and have a solid story to tell. I'm NOT into violence, I'm after the story. Some of my favorites: Sea Biscuit, 2001: A Space Odyssey,The Lincoln Lawyer, Shawshank Redemption: you get the idea.
  • TV Watcher: Having said we don't enjoy violence, the majority of the TV shows we watch and really enjoy have some modicum (OK, quite a bit) of violence associated with them. BUT, we watch them for the writing, the characters, and the story, NOT the violence. I'm serious about that: we wouldn't watch them if they were simply all about gratuitous violence - that's not why we watch them. Here are a few of our current faves: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dexter and lately we've been getting into The Escape Artist, a new Masterpiece Theater show.